More than 50 Gemstones

We live the hospitality and love happy guests. That's why our teams are happy to fulfil unexpected wishes - in each and every one of our really amazing ACHAT Hotels, all around Germany and one even in Budapest, Hungary. Our hotels are proudly classified and carry either three Stars, three Stars Superior, four Stars or four Stars Superior. Together they count over 5.800 rooms with more than 1.400 employees, as of February 2023.



Somehow magical

The Achat [agate] is a gemstone. Each one is in form, color and shape an unmistakable, multifaceted unique piece.

The green Achat [agate] is our namesake and mascot. Its inner values enchant, it’s said that it has an invigorating effect, promotes  relaxation, inspires the spirit and awakens geniality. We find that its really amazing description fits our ACHAT hotels.


Each one of our Hotels is also unique. With its very own facets in terms of architecture, interiors and location - right in the center, near exhibitions/trade fairs or idyllically surrounded by nature. Each of them enchants with their unique characteristics. 

At the same time two features distinguish all ACHAT Hotels. Each lives from the authentic characters of its teams. And each is known for its sincere hospitality.

More than 50 really amazing hotels in Germany and Budapest

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