Really Amazing - Really Safe

We do everything for the safety of our guests and our staff. It is at least as important to us that you feel comfortable with us and that we can spoil you with an extra portion of hospitality. This means that you will not only have a really safe stay at ACHAT, but of course always a really good one too! 

We always adhere to the official requirements of the respective state governments and continuously adapt our measures. This means we are always up to date - for your safety and ours! 


Our hotels are, by far, the most beautiful!

  • Designation of the entrances and the exits
  • Distance markers on all public area floors; e.g., at the reception desk, outside public restrooms, in restaurants
  • Safety signs in the elevators as well as in smoking areas
  • Maintaining minimum distances between tables in the breakfast area and in the restaurant, as well as in our conference rooms
  • Partition walls at the reception desk
  • Comprehensive training for all employees to ensure distance is maintained within the ACHAT-team and when interacting with our guests

Really secure in public areas

  • Disinfection of the elevator including all control panels 
  • Disinfection of all handrails on the hotel premises 
  • Disinfection of all door handles on the hotel premises 
  • Disinfection of frequently exposed surfaces (tables, counters, the bars...) 
  • Disinfection of our public restrooms 

Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in all our public areas.

Really safe in your hotel room

In your hotel room we have paid particularly close attention to the disinfection of the following areas:

  • Bedside tables and telephone
  • Bed headboards and beds
  • Desktop surface
  • TV and remote control
  • Seating arrangements
  • All handles and light switches inside the room
  • Wardrobe and window sills
  • Water glasses and bottle opener
  • Washing the hotel linen using a chemical/thermal cleaning process

Really safe in your bathroom

The bathroom is, of course, always an area that is to be thoroughly cleaned. That is why we have also stepped up our precautionary measures, among other things in these areas:

  • Bathroom sink and all fittings
  • Blowdryer and mirror
  • Shower tub, shower wall or shower curtain
  • Toilet and toilet brush, toilet paper holder
  • Tissue dispenser and hygiene bag dispenser
  • Soap and shower gel dispensers
  • Floor

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