Special circumstances require special measures

For this reason, at ACHAT-Hotels we are flexible and are now offering our hotel rooms as individual offices. This way, you can work in peace, are well looked after and can focus on your work away from the everyday family routine.



Really well equipped

ACHAT's more than 4,000 really amazing single offices, you will be perfectly equipped for your work day:

  • High-speed WiFi
  • Comfortable desks
  • Laser printers

Really well tended to

During your work time, we can provide you with everything you need: A delicious breakfast directly to your room, a lunch box to suit your taste, and of course the beer at the end of the day is also available.

Really amazing location

Our single offices impress with their really amazing location! In large and small towns, conveniently located, with ample parking facilities. Often in close proximity to well-known companies with open-plan offices.

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Really amazing rates

We're offering special rates for our single offices.

Simply contact us at EchtGut@achat-hotels.com and we''ll prepare your individual offer.

Rolf Scheibe

Head of Sales

M +49 (0) 151 17138405

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