Reisen mit Hund

You may bring your dog along with you in all our 30 hotels in Germany, Austria and Hungary and must not miss the ACHAT Hotel comfort.

We prepare a welcome package for your little darling which you can use during your stay, consisting of:

  • feeding bowl for culinary delights
  • water dish for refreshing
  • ACHAT neckerchief for always looking good and for you as a present

Please tell us via telephone or mail before your arrival that you would like to stay at one of our hotels with your dog so that we are able to prepare your room properly. Of course you may book online via our website. During your booking process please choose package "dog". The price is 10.00 € per night and per dog.

A friendly request: Please talk to our staff at the hotel on-site if there are specific rules. Some hotels handle a dog`s stay individually. This is important relating to the behaviour at restaurant or during breakfast, e.g.. It is important to us to make the stay as relaxing as possible for all our guests. The privacy of our guests without dogs must not be disturbed.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your help.

Ready to go? We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Traveling with dogs